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As a new mom...
As a new mom, breast feeding can be overwhelming and you can become easily discouraged.  Rachel is supportive, reassuring and available at to answer questions.  Her approach is very honest and sincere. She is full of useful resources and recommends local breast feeding support groups, websites and books to read.  Her knowledge is undeniably comforting to any new breast feeding mom.


Going back to work...
Going back to work was not easy, but I felt prepared after working with Rachel and reading a lot of the resources she provided. Being prepared took a lot of the stress out of being away from my baby while being committed to exclusively breast feeding. Rachel made me feel very comfortable. She is very professional but also injects a sense of humor at the perfect time. Rachel provided amazing support to me during my breastfeeding ups and downs. I couldn't have gotten through without her, I didn't realize it would be so emotional.


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